For the past few years, the tourist is more into responsible travel than being in the sand under the sun.  So what is ecotourism? Ecotourism is a travel practice that as an eco-tourist you travel because you want to help the nature and its conservation. Every one of us envisions new things to discover in new places, taste food that we never taster before and to meet new people each time we travel. Tourism does not just about these facts, it also makes us learn the culture and lifestyle of others that can be an unforgettable experience for us.

Ecotourism is very important for us people and to our planet. It is very satisfying to come up with new learning experiences of traveling that can benefit and enhance ecotourism. Traveling with the goal to not just have personal satisfaction but to also help our environment is what an eco-tourist does. Communities that does not really on industrial needs is the most beneficial to it because it means that Eco tourist can enhance their land through eco-tourism by providing the extra fund for it. The more we get to know the place, the more we admire it and be inspired to protect it. Most of the tour guides are deeply educated in order for them to share their knowledge in order for the tourist to gain information and to understand the beauty of nature. It is normal for us people to be curious, as we explore new places we tend to reach out to the locals having to ask questions with the story and history of the place and that’s how we gain deeper knowledge about the sight. However, some of the locals may see the tourist as a nuisance that can create inconvenience to them. Locals may not like the increase of population that is visiting the site that can increase the traffic and some can disrespect their culture by not wearing the proper dress code. Mutual understanding is the key which enables us to learn about the others and they learn about us. You can share with them where you came from and tell stories about your place and kindly ask them to tell their stories as well.  Showing the locals that you respect their place and the people they can see you as a good guy and will be happier to open up with you.

We live in this world very much dependent on what nature gives us. Tourist attractions are a source of income but that does not mean that people are giving back to these communities. Instead, locals are forced to leave the life they grew up on and do things that are more profitable. These can result in the locals to leaving the place causing them to be devastated by the impact of the migration. Many of these cultures have already been gone for the tourism gains but we know better, there is always been a better way. Going to these attractions generates fun experiences and can grow funds in order to share with the community.