Innovation has been defined as an invention, a development, an implementation of new services, products, systems, and processes. It has been reflected that disruptive innovation will be experienced in the next years.

Health innovation becomes the trend in the emerging industry of the developing countries. Health innovation makes everything easy and quick in accessing medical information. The doctors and patients are being provided the opportunity to access more of health education and to collaborate on difficult medical cases.

Disruptive health innovation is revolutionary. It disrupts the old system and they innovate a new market, through this a new value of opportunities are available in the market.

Innovation is important to the economic growth and industrial progress. The advancement of the digital technology can create numerous opportunities and possibilities.

The innovations of healthcare focus specifically on areas and their analytical implications. The health innovations include remote patient management systems, telehealth, drug delivery system, wearable sensors, robotics, genomics, and social networking.

E-health related application can give major advantages to medical practitioners who use it, not only does it make the job easier but you can also be more efficient by the use of technology. People that cannot go their doctor immediately can still receive medical care.

Having an online health-related application installed on your gadget helps you in numerous ways. For example, you can get a notification on your doctor’s status like his schedule and you can also get your appointment from it, also it gives your advantage on managing your health routine by notifying you on what to do on that time.

Being able to see the medical records of your patient anywhere you are and even from different devices such as cellphone or computer give the doctor advantage that helps the patient’s diagnosis.

New technology today gives more opportunities to give medical practitioners to collaborate and share their expertise. It also gives an advantage to the patients being them to save more money and time by not setting a date and spend more money to see more expert medical practitioners.

People nowadays tend to use Google when they feel something is wrong with them and Google contains a lot of information that may be right of some of it is wrong. Using medical related application can help the patient the right information and avoid being stuck on false knowledge. Many people make their illness worse because of the lack of information or the false information that they get on random sites they find on Google.

The trend with advanced analytical software, genomic sequences and mobile technology have made the impossible possible through analyzing and capturing a wide array of information with regards to the population, patients, and the situation of their community.

As the future of innovative healthcare has already been presented in front of us, the next step is to evenly distribute these innovations for the world to experience the results of the latest revolution of the healthcare system. We should make the industry grow more.