What You Need To Know About The Company: Bluon Energy

Bluon Energy is a business that specializes in refrigerants which are aimed at increasing operational efficiencies for their customer’s existing HVAC-R equipment with a focus on minimizing electricity consumption along with reducing the carbon footprint made. This company has an operating team which is made up of experienced and professional senior executives with diverse experiences and complimentary skill-sets that match up to the overall Bluon business plan.

Bluon’s has a team of directors made up of 7 members that have backgrounds in business development, HVAC, engineering, construction, finance, real-estate and architecture. They use these skill sets to offering the operating teams with outstanding support, insight and wisdom. These directors are involved in every major decision that the company makes, and they schedule regular meetings with their operating teams. The team of technical advisors have extensive experience in servicing the needs of clients and bring to the party real-word and valuable insights.

Availability associated with refrigerants has been impacted by the International treaty known as Montreal Protocol. This treaty was created with the purpose of protecting the ozone-layer in the way of phasing out the substances which are known for depleting it.

Under this treaty the earliest of the CFC refrigerants such as R-11 have already been phased out and are no longer used across the world. The newer of the HCFC refrigerants such as R-22 are also on a phase-out schedule which is reducing the amount of R-22 which is allowed to be imported every year. By the end part of 2020, there will be a complete ban on importing R-22 into the US.


What’s Next For R-20?

These regulations are aimed at slowly forcing the HVAC-R users to now replace all the R-22 equipment they own with R-410A equipment. The reality is that most of these users are not able to afford the costs associated with replacing this equipment. Around 65% of the worldwide HVAC-R equipment is currently R-22 equipment, and in the majority of cases, these still have at least 10 years or more of working life in them.

The Increasing Needs For Replacements

The prices for R-22 have already risen dramatically and very soon R-22 will become cost prohibitive and difficult to buy or find. This now means that R-22 replacements will form a main part for normal HVAC-R repair jobs and maintenance. However, the replacement refrigerants are associated with major differences to R-22 in the following ways:

• Every Replacement Is A Blend

R-22 is made up of 1-compound, and the replacements are all made up of blends that feature 2 or more of these compounds.

• The Blends Are Linked With Varying Boiling Points

Different compounds in these blends mean that each has its own boiling point. This is the reason why the PT charts for these blends feature 2 columns opposed to 1, as the condensing and boiling points are different.

• All The Blends Have Glides

The varying boiling points in association to the blended constituents is what results in what is known as a Glide. Glides are beneficial when it comes to properly designed refrigerants, contrary to the industry opinions.

• All The Blends Will Contain HFCs

Due to the fact that all blends have HFCs they have to carry mineral oils that are required by the R-22 systems. These usually happen in these ways:

1. Using a hydrocarbon inside the blend
2. Changing an MO oil to a POE
3. Finding ways for HFCs to combine with MO

• Different Temperatures And Pressures

The replacements also operate at a different temperature and pressure in comparison to R-22.

• Correct SC And SH Are Vital

The correct Subcool and Superheat are extremely important.

• The Replacements Underperform In Comparison To R-22

Just about every replacement performs worse in comparison to R-22 in association to capacity and efficiency, excepting Bluon.


About Bluon’s TDX 20

TdX 20 also known as R-458A is the replacement to R-22 which is the only type of blend currently available on the markets that will increase energy efficiency and maintaining capacity that is similar to R-22. TdX-20 is also backed with professional installation tools and tech support, to ensure a smooth process, with benefits such as the Bluon Mobile App. TdX 20 is also linked to decreasing amp draw, lowering operating pressures, reducing vibration and compressor temps.

How Does Bluon’s TDX 20 Work?

TdX 20 stands out from the other replacements as it has embraced the versatility and power linked with blends that have been intelligently designed. Many years of experimentation and research has gone into the creation of a mixture of blends which work seamlessly with each other to decrease the inherent system-losses.

TdX 20 is made of a blend that involves 5 constituents that have staggered boiling-points, that have been created in such as way that they change-phase in a sequence that is carefully orchestrated. This can be seen as 5 dominoes which have been perfectly spaced to knock one another over. This is the way in which the TdX blend works. The result of this blends includes the following:

• The heat will be absorbed over more coil surface areas, which improves the heat transfer overall.

• The workload of the compressor is reduced which results in lower amp draw and less compressor-head temperatures.

• The stability of the compressor improves, which results in less vibration and noise along with amp draw that is more stable.

Bluon is well aware that R-22 replacement is an issue for a number of home and business owners and is why they offer industry-first support and tools to make these jobs easier. Some of the benefits of choosing Bluon for R-22 replacements include extensive tech-support derived from the industry vets, an increasing knowledge base in association to equipment testing and best practices. The Mobile App that offers access to the conversion notes from thousands of the R-22 systems.

Tech Support

When customers have questions or run into an issue while on a job, they can call on Bluon at any time to speak to one of the industry veterans. The techs are reachable through the Bluon website or the tech-support line featured in the app.