Physical, chemical and biological are the three fundamental components that our environment has. Hazards can be found anywhere, air, water or land. These hazards are very crucial in our health it is the main cause of sickness and accidents.

Global warming is one of the most devastating physical hazards that we are experiencing today. It is the rapid change in the earth’s temperature making it hotter, this change affects all the living things on earth and it causes sickness to us. Ice from areas like Antartica is rapidly melting which cause the sea level to rise which cause floods which can take away people’s lives. The heat of the environment can result in some diseases such as heat stroke, also it can burn houses. The main reason for this adversity is us people, the rapid growth of population causing us to cut more trees to fabricate, having more factories that smoke and waste damage our environment, making the space for plants to grow become smaller and smaller each day. Electromagnetic radiation is an important issue as well, the noise from the crowded earth can affect our well-being. We are also very exposed to radiations that can also harm us coming from our beloved gadgets or modern technology today.

Smokes from factories or smoke coming from cigarettes are the most known chemical hazards that can give you illness and may put risk to your life. You can get many kinds of diseases from this hazards that may cause death, examples are lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchitis, and emphysema, it can also damage your heart as well.  The large population is creating this problem not just from factories but also from vehicles that people use to commute every day. Air is not just the courier of chemical hazards, it can come from the water as well. Bacterias can be on your water pipes and it can contaminate your water, that is why most water companies now are using chlorinated water to protect people from danger but that doesn’t mean that chlorinating the water has no bad effects as well, some says that it can higher the risk of cancer and it can damage your teeth. You can get many kinds of illness from contaminated water, examples are diarrhea, stomach ache and many more. Nitrate in water can cause blue babies when a pregnant mother drinks water that hast nitrate. Throwing solid waste irresponsibly can cause harmful substances that can leach on water supplies, being inhaled or eaten. Always make sure of the place that you are living in, survey the area, make sure that waste is not thrown near your place and if so be more cautious, do not drink water from your faucet that comes from the water underground.

Authorities today are doing their best to improve the safety of the people, they are making sure that we are drinking clean water and they are making their best to minimize the smoke that can pollute the air and give us sickness.