What is mental health? It is the root of your well-being it includes your physiological, emotional and social health. Having trouble with our mental health affects the way we think and how we feel. It also affects how we handle stress, communicate with others and make our daily choices in life. Neglecting mental health is a very big issue so it is important that you are aware of it.

These are the signs that you are having issues with your mental health.

Having low energy, feeling tired all day and not in the mood to do physical activities is one of the signs you may be just tired but it may be more serious than you think.

Sleeping too much or too little, having a difficult time sleeping early or waking up early can be a sign also.

Losing appetite, it is not normal for us people to reject the delicious food that is in front of us. Losing your appetite is a sign that you must be aware of because you can get sick due to lack of nutrients on your body.

Smoking and drinking becoming a habit, some of us use these kinds of stuff in order to get away from all the things and problems that we are thinking, these are alright but when it becomes more frequent it can be dangerous to your health and well-being.

Mood swings, this is the sudden change in your mood. It can ruin your relationship with others because you become hard to deal and go with.

Getting easily irritated, you get upset or irritated without any or shallow reason sometimes you will get jokes about the wrong idea.

Why take attention to your mental health?

Mental health can affect you physically, being mentally unhealthy makes you lose energy and feel lazy to do physical activities. This can result in you being physically weak and can feel physical pain for just a short period of time moving. These can affect your daily life such as your work and relation to your family because they may not get a chance to enjoy physical activities with you. It can also make you more vulnerable to sickness because your immune system might get affected as well.

It can affect you financially and can impact your family. Being mentally unhealthy can cause you to have more absences from work causing you to have less payment or even worse you might get terminated from your work.

Having mental illness can affect your family, you can get a gap from them because they might be frightened of you because you have the risk of being abusive and neglect them. Communication from your family members will be harder and they will carry a burden being worried about you.

Anyone wants to have a longer and happier life, people with mental illness has lower lifespan because of depression and anxiety which can result to suicide or other self-harming acts your family will be the one most affected is such act is made.