We develop the health of our community through health promotion. Health promotion is a process that controls and improves health. There are five key strategies to be an advocate for health promotion in the community to help change the community system and the people.

  1. Build a public policy;
  2. Create a supportive environment;
  3. Reorient the health system;
  4. Strengthen the community action; and
  5. Develop personal skills

Health promotion is the combination of art and science to work with the communities of their health conditions. It focuses on the needs of the people in the community.

Concerns of the public are addressed when the ordinary people in the community have built a relationship with the community development practitioners. Opportunities are built through the creation of new skills, enable the people to act together, and help foster social equality and inclusion.

Health promotion and community development involve understanding the social conditions that greatly affect the health and well-being of the community. In addition, the appreciation of the community development approach is effective when the community capacity that is built is for a long-term change.