When it comes to health, our zip code matters the same with our genetic code. Researchers have found out that life expectancy matters between people who are born in the rural place and urban place.

About 70 percent of the gap between the life expectancy has been attributed to the high rates of incidents, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, and cardiovascular disease than in the rural areas.

The national health initiative has set their primary goals to reduce the inequalities of health and to increase the expectancy of life. The disparities are caused by the difference in public health planning and decision making.

More so, the people in the rural area have lower income and high poverty rate. Thus, it prevents them from the access of quality health care services.They have higher rates of lung cancer and obesity.

The population in the rural area is only 17 percent. A reason why more of the public health services are offered and focused on the urban area. It reduced the burden to the nation but caused a greater gap to the disparities between the rural and urban community.