There is no denying that our environment is rapidly changing. As these changes occur we people must be more aware of the problem that comes with it. A natural disaster may come, constant change of weather and many more can occur in an instant and us people must be ready for it anytime.

Global warming has been a problem for us for a long time now, our environments temperature is rising and we people are to blame. Maybe some of us does not feel the drastic change but some people all over the globe may experience a more drastic change that makes their lives a lot harder than it should be.

Environmental problems

Deforestation, trees is the main source of oxygen it creates fresh air from the carbon dioxide that we people produce. People today are abusing our forest, people cutting down small and big trees just for the sake of money. The result people cut down trees more than they can reproduce them causing the some of the big forest to lose almost half of its trees that is why air pollution right now is more devastating.

Overpopulation, this problem is the root of all problems of our environment. There are too many people on our earth that our resources become short, resources such as water, food and other natural resources and being short on resources means people are forced to harvest small animals or cut down small trees in order to compensate in the shortage but it only makes it worse for us.

Global warming, in the past few years the earth’s temperature is vastly increasing resulting in sickness or disasters. People might get heat stroke from too much heat and we are also more prone to skin cancer because of this matter. Ice from areas all over the world melts causing the sea level to rise and results to flood.

Depletion of our ozone layer, the ozone layer is the one which protects us from the UV rays that comes from the sun. These rays are very harmful to us humans and also to the animals and trees as well, the thinning of our ozone layer makes us at risk of sickness and disasters.

Pollution, air and water pollution is very crucial for us humans. Increasing number of factories and vehicles cause our air to be polluted, having polluted can cause us pulmonary problems such as tuberculosis and lung cancer. Throwing our waste into the sea is a source of sickness live stocks such as fish and many more marine creature can be affected as well making us lose more resources that we have.

Loss of biodiversity, increase of population takes away space that is intended to be a natural habitat for animals. Some species are already extinct due to human activity such as hunting or being short on resources as well because humans are taking what is for them. Humans need animals to survive and we are the ones destroying their homes and killing them.