What is a healthy community? A healthy community is where people live with the same mindset to work together in they which make their community free from diseases and have a healthier lifestyle for the people in the community. Working together and having each other’s back brings greater life to people in terms of health, it also closes the gap in terms of health that are caused by education and race. A healthy community has an easy access to health care and has a high vaccination count annually also having to access healthy foods easily in order to prevent people from sickness. Having a healthy community is not just about having health care easily accessible but also people must feel safe inside the community, they must feel safe whenever they are driving, biking, walking and even the children that play outside.

Having a healthy community also means that you have a good amount of health resources that can help you recover from disasters such as floods, typhoons or any kinds of disaster. People are healthier and may be immune to the sickness that these disasters bring which result in them to take part of the recovery of their community. A community that is not ready for these kinds of tragedies may be more devastated, people might get sick easily due to lack of immunization and having a harder time to access health care. This will result for the community to recover longer because they may lack resources and manpower that is most needed in times like this. An unhealthy community also might have communication problems because people do not feel comfortable with others because of the lack of community activities and these may also contribute for the longer recovery time of your community. Having a healthy community always starts with yourself.