A study shows that being active physically can help you lower the risk of diseases such as heart problems, cancer, diabetes, depression and many more. Make it a hobby to walk or jog some distance even three to four times a week and it will certainly make you feel better.

Being fat and overweight can boost the risk of you having an illness such as high blood, diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, respiratory complications, problems with your gallbladder, and many more.

Smoking, almost half of the earth’s population is addicted to cigarette smoking. Being addicted to it may have some complication for your heart, respiratory system and higher the rate of you getting cancer. Because of the lifestyle that we have today people starts to use cigarette from a young age causing them to be more at risk of illness as they grow old. Having weak supervision from the parents is one of the most common reasons for this problem.

Abusing substances such as drugs and alcohol, many people are using these for relaxation but some people are abusing its effect that can harm your body, being alcoholic can damage your liver and kidneys and the use legal or illegal drugs can result to serious illnesses both physically and mentally.

Sex has become for people nowadays and it is the source of the STD called HIV or AIDS. This illness is rapidly increasing due to the lack of education to young people. HIV or AIDS can destroy your immune system making you feel weak and vulnerable to illness, massive weight loss will also come after.

Due to our lifestyle today we are more at risk of mental illness. Depression is one of the most common diseases that some people are experiencing. Depression is the state of you being very sensitive to what others think and what you think, depression if not monitored can result in suicide.

Seniors in some nurseries and hospitals die from injuries they get from falling. Hospitals need to strengthen their security to the elderly giving attention to them from time to time to prevent these kinds of accidents. Weak and old seniors are very prone to accidents like these, once they slip they do not have the strength to be able to protect themselves from falling.

Environmental quality is a factor in is health as well. Pollution is one of the biggest problems we are facing today. It is not a problem that the government can solve alone, it must be the unity of all people in order for us to stop or slow down the increase of pollution.

Poverty is a very big problem for centuries now. Due to the lack of fund free immunization is very often done and those who cannot afford are at risk of being contaminated by sickness which may cause death.

Because of the low number of public hospitals and the expensive private ones makes it harder for the people to access healthcare neglecting them to take care of themselves.