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Franklin County, Kentucky

(Partner: National Association of County and City Health Officials)

Community Mission

The ACHIEVE CHART of Franklin County Kentucky will implement policy, systems and environmental change strategies to reduce the risk of chronic disease. 

Community Information

Franklin County consists of 210.46 square miles. As of 2010, the total population is 49,285. The city of Frankfort is Kentucky’s state capital, which is a large employer. Franklin County is also home to Kentucky State University, a historically black college/university contributing to a daily influx of employees and students. Franklin County’s racial makeup consists of 85.8% White, 10.3% Black/African American, 2.1% Hispanic or Latino, 1.1% Asain, and 1.2% Other race. Those aged 65 years and over comprise 13.1% of the population and 22.4% of the population are under 18 years old (U.S. Census Bureau, 2005-2009 American Community Survey).

Although much has been done to improve the health of Franklin County numerous risk factors for chronic diseases still exist. The most recent data indicates that 29.5% of Franklin County adults and 30.3% of Kentucky adults (BRFSS, 2008) are obese while the national benchmark is 25% (County Health Rankings, 2011). Available local data showed an obesity rate of 41% for Franklin County 4th and 5th graders. The adult smoking rate for Franklin County is 22.6% compared to the state rate of 25.2% (BRFSS, 2008), but again the national benchmark is much lower at 15% (County Health Rankings, 2011). Social determinants of health that are of cocern include the 19.2% of Franklin County children under age 18 in poverty (U.S. Census Bureau, 2009) and the unemployment rate of 7.8% (U.S. Department of Labor, 2011). BRFFS (2008) data indicate that 29.6% of the Franklin County adult population leads a sedentary lifestyle compared to 25.2% for Kentucky and 18.3% for the U.S.

Kentucky Department for Public Health 2009 preliminary data indicate a heart disease rate of 169.5 for Franklin County, 218.1 for Kentucky and the Healthy KY 2010 Goal was 200.0; cancer rates of 255.3 for Franklin County, 218.4 for Kentucky and a Healthy KY 2010 Goal of 220.7; diabetes rates of 20.4 for Franklin County, 30.8 for Kentucky and 28.0 as a Healthy KY 2010 Goal; stroke rates of 34.7 for Franklin County, 45.2 for Kentucky and 35.0 as the Healthy KY 2010 Goal.

Franklin County ranked 9th in health outcomes and 13th in health factors, out of 120 Kentucky counties according to the 2011 County Health Rankings. The lowest individual rating for Franklin County was 38th in health behaviors, which includes the abovementioned adult smoking and obesity rates. 

Community Change Strategy

1.  Community-at-large:  Policy-  Smoke-free policy 24/7 for outodoor public places (parks)

2.  Community-at-large:  Policy- Joint use agreements

Community Successes

1.  Worksite Wellness

  • Policy requiring healthy food and beverage options at meetings and events was passed by Franklin County Health Department and Franklin County Government.

2.  Healthy food and beverage options at public parks and recreation facilities.

  • At the request of our ACHIEVE CHART and MAPP coalition the Frankfort City Manager added 8 healthy options to the city pool concession stand in the summer of 2011.   
Franklin County, KY ACHIEVE CHART at the Action Institute in Baltimore.

Community Contacts

Name E-mail Phone
Jennifer Wilson jwilson@franklincountyky.com 502-875-8751
Judy Mattingly judya.mattingly@ky.gov 502-564-5559
Paula Alexander paula.alexander@ky.gov 502-564-4269

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