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Cook County, Illinois

(Partner: National Association of County and City Health Officials)

Community Mission

The ACHIEVE team plans to foster the development of a coordinated system, as well as build local capacity of individuals and organizations to address policy, systems, and environmental change around chronic disease.

Community Information

The population of suburban Cook County is larger than the population of 11 states in the United States. The region spans more than 700 square miles, comprising 125 municipalities, and nearly 2.5 million people. The population is diverse with six percent of the population reporting as Asian, 14 percent African American, 14 percent Hispanic, and 66 percent non-Hispanic white. From a sector perspective, there are 21 hospitals, nearly 700 schools, and 650 daycares within the area. Individual municipalities in suburban Cook County range in size from several hundred to nearly 100,000 residents.  By community, residents below 200 percent of the federal poverty level range from five percent to 60 percent of the population. Median household incomes in these towns range from $17,500 to over $200,000, with a median of $58,000. Approximately 17 percent of persons 18 to 64 years of age are uninsured. Between 1999 and 2004, the total number of persons in households eligible for Medicaid nearly doubled.

According to Cook County Department of Health 2006 mortality data, the overall age-adjusted diabetes mortality rate is 61.9/100,000. The overall Ischemic Heart Disease mortality rate for suburban Cook County is 139.3/100,000. According to Illinois 2007 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data, 75 percent of suburban Cook County adults do not consume five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, almost 63 percent of adults are obese and/or overweight, over 18 percent of adults are current smokers, 11 percent of adults are physically inactive, and 56 percent of adults do not meet the physical activity recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the statewide Illinois 2007 Youth Survey, approximately 28 percent of sixth through twelfth graders are obese and/or overweight, 33 percent of sixth through twelfth graders did not participate in physical activity on three days or more per week, and 52 percent of eighth graders in Illinois watch three or more hours of television per day.


Community Contacts

Name E-mail Phone
Aesha Binion abinion@ccdph.net (708) 492-2144
Buddy Bates bubates@ccdph.net (708) 492-2083
Devangna Kapadia guddi@uic.edu (312) 355-1144
Gina Massuda Barnett gmbarnett@ccdph.net (708) 492-2901

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